I have had ten years’ experience in proofreading student papers, including:

  • Dissertations
  • Theses
  • Essays
  • Reports
  • Presentations


  • Ensure all spelling, grammar and punctuation is correct – the spell check on the computer will not pick up every error
  • Ensure sentences flow and read properly – I will rewrite any poorly written sentences and check for repetition of words
  • Formatting – check all headings and sub-headings are consistent throughout the document
  • Bibliography
  • Quotations – all are correct and all are detailed consistently throughout the document
If you have any specific worries, just let me know.
How it works?

Once I have received your document, I will make any amendments using the ‘tracked changes’ program. When I send it back to you, you will then be able to view every change and decide if you want to accept or reject it. Alternatively, if you are happy with everything I have done, you can accept all the changes with a click of the mouse.

If you make further changes to your document, I am also happy to proofread these. I will check any sentences/paragraphs until you are satisfied with the end product.

Foreign language students

Over the years, I worked with students from a variety of different backgrounds. If English isn’t your first language, please be assured that I can make sure your paper perfect. I was born in London, England, and have studied, worked and lived in the United Kingdom for my entire life. We can work together to achieve a flawless paper for your college or university.

Please do not attempt to use any online translations, such as Google Translate – your work will not translate correctly. However, if you work with me, I can make sure that the intended message is clear.