The majority of work I receive is sent to me via email as an electronic document. I will then proofread / copy edit the document using the ‘tracked changes’ program on Microsoft Word. All changes I make are highlighted for ease of reference, and the deletion / addition clearly shown.

I will then send the document, complete with changes, back to you for your approval. You can then go through every change I have made and ‘accept’ it or ‘reject’ it. It is ultimately your choice – any suggested changes I have made to the text are, as I have said, suggestions and you can decide whether you are happy with them, or not.

Alternatively, you can send me your paper manuscript and I can make changes directly onto the page, either making suggested changes to the text, or, if you prefer, I can use proofreading textual marks.

Of course, if you have a preferred way of working that hasn’t been mentioned, please let me know. I am more than happy to accommodate your way of working, wherever possible.

If you wish to contact me regarding any queries you may have, or to get a quote, please click here.

How long will it take?

Every job is different – some documents will only take a couple of hours to amend, whilst longer manuscripts can take several days. We will, of course, establish and agree exact timelines.

How is payment taken?

Payment can be made by cheque, through Paypal or as an online bank transfer.